Cooling Tower

Cooling System Pre-Season Checklist

Time invested in preparing cooling towers can pay big dividends later in the season and will save water, energy and chemical dollars. Insuring heat transfer surfaces are deposit and corrosion free will save time and eliminate maintenance headaches.

Refer to the following guidelines to properly prepare boiler water systems for start up.

The following checklist is a review guide for your personnel:
  • Review the purpose of each cooling water treatment chemical used in the system with the operating personnel.
  • Review chemical treatment dosage rates.
  • Review safe handling procedures for all chemicals used in the system.
  • Review testing and recording procedures.
  • Make sure that there are adequate reagents for testing.
  • Check the shelf life of the reagents.


The following items should be checked in and around the Cooling Tower:
  • Remove all debris from within and around unit, then flush as required.
  • Check and clean strainers, bleed, overflow and drain.
  • Lubricate fan and motor bearings per manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Change oil in gear reducer assembly as per manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Check belts, motor pulley and motor mounts.
  • Replace and adjust as required. Inspect electrical connections, contactors, relays and operating/safety controls.
  • Check motor operating conditions.
  • Clean float valve assembly and check for proper operation.
  • Check operating conditions. Adjust as required.
  • Read water meter prior to filling system to determine system capacity.