Boiler Services

Boiler System Startup Checklist

The time invested in preparation for boiler system start up can pay big dividends later in the heating season. Proper preparation will save water, energy and chemical dollars by ensuring deposit-free, efficient and corrosion-free heat transfer surfaces throughout the heating season. It will also save time and eliminate maintenance headaches by insuring the system will run smoothly through peak demand periods.

Refer to the following guidelines to properly prepare boiler water systems for start up:

Our Vision

Operating Personnel Training

  • Review the purpose of each boiler water treatment chemical used in the system.
  • Review chemical treatment dosage rates.
  • Review safe handling procedures for all chemicals used in the system.
  • Make sure that there are adequate testing reagents.
  • Check the shelf-life of any reagents on hand from the previous season.

Steam Boilers

  • Inspect boiler and burner, then make adjustments as required.
  • Test low water cut-off and pressure relief valve.
  • Check operating and safety controls. Review boiler operations with boiler operator.
  • Log all operating condition.
  • Shut off burner and open electrical disconnect.
  • Close fuel supply valves.
  • Thoroughly blow down boiler.

Water Treatment

  • Test all blowdown and chemical feed equipment to assure proper operation.
  • Chemically test the system water for proper bleed rate and treatment levels.
  • Adjust the control to obtain proper operation.
  • Create a report of the test and inspection results.