Advantages of Solid Chemical Water Treatment
Water Treatment

Advantages of Solid Chemicals

Solid chemical water treatment products distributed by Water Solutions Nw, Inc. use state of the art, proven chemical combinations which are manufactured into a solid paste concentrate. The products are transported in a low carbon footprint profile and applied easily at your site with a patented dissolving system. You receive all of the benefits of a well-run chemical program, without the hassles of dealing with liquids.

Help Reduce Risk and Liability Concerns

No Heavy Drums to Move:

  • Reduces potential for injury to employees and others.
  • Moving heavy drums can result in injury, leading to costly Worker Compensation Claims.
  • Reduces risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals (ie: corrosives, oxidizers and pesticides) to your employees and customers.
  • One case of Solid chemistry weighs 44 lbs and contains the same amount of active chemicals as a 55-gallon, 500 lb drum. 

Eliminate the Potential of Spills: 

  • Spills can occur anywhere – in transit, or at your facility.
  • Many liquid chemicals can be hazardous, damaging to the environment, and a potential for expensive litigation.
  • Solid chemistry has no potential to leak.

Remove On-site Storage or Drum Disposal Issues:

  • Liquid chemicals are bulky and must be stored in containment areas according to their hazardous classification.
  • Many facilities do not have extra space and must resort to storing all chemicals in one containment area.
  • The potential for chemical reactions of different liquid chemicals can produce a very undesirable result.
  • No triple rinsing of empty drums before disposal.
  • Five cases of Water Solutions Nw Solid chemistry can sit in the same storage footprint as a 55-gallon drum.